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A disruptive Magnetically Enhanced Library preparation platform for Next Generation Sequencing


Project web site/leaflets

Task 5.1: Communication strategy plan implementation and preparation of project website, informative material advertising and promoting the project (M1-M24) • Project website and blog creation with regular update along and active communication via social media (c.f. 2.5 Communication and dissemination). • Preparation and wide distribution of project’s informative materials to promote obtained results and key achievements (corporate and sale leaflets and posters, videos, social network, etc.).

List of publication and conference appearances

Task 53 Commercial advertisement M13M24 Promotion through dedicated seminars and customers sites to introduce the MAGELIA platform Support meetings with stakeholders from investors to prepare next investment to decision makers Task 54 Participation to international events M1M24 Participate and presents project results in international conferences and fairs presented in the Communication and dissemination section

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