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100% Renewable Energies for Energy Intensive Industries


EEIs Sector Status in Europe

This deliverable consists in individual reports for the nonferrous metals steel cement nonmetallic minerals ceramic and glass chemical petrochemical sectors according to the structure provided in Task 31 Moreover an additional short overall highlevel report will be developed by CERTH and reviewed by the project Advisory Board including potential synergies and common interests as well as potential conflicts of interests between the different sectors

Handbook on paths for the EII sector transition to 100% RE based production

This deliverable consist on a how to simple handbook addressed to all the EIIs sector which will show aspects related to technoeconomic barriers to overcome or innovation and market needs to consider in order to achieve a full RE adoption in the short and long term for the EIIs

Feasible technologies for EIIs RE in a short and long term

Consolidated document including information from public reports pilotscale experiences industrial demonstrations and consultations to experts It will include information about the impact level of RE options in the processes the potential retrofitting needs and alternatives in different industries and their readiness level To this end information regarding RE alternatives from Task 52 as well as the inputs from Task 51 will be required

Final report on communication and dissemination activities

This deliverable will contain all dissemination and communication activities performed within the second project period

Requirements for the integration of RE technologies into the EIIs

Report developed under Task 53 that provides for the RE technologies identified in the previous deliverable with technical configurations expected energy balances impacts in processes and economics As a result the document will provide with conclusions on main requirements for the technologies to be integrated under favorable conditions

Success cases factsheets update

Update of D35 at month 36

RE4Industry Brochure

Brochure to be developed in Task 61 that synthesizes all the project results through a number of high quality and edited materials produced mainly in WP3 WP4 and WP5

Mid-term report on communication and dissemination activities

This deliverable will contain all dissemination and communication activities performed within the first project period

Report on cross-border knowledge transfer

Report compiling the recommendations and additional use cases identified at the 4 knowledge transfer seminars organized by members of ESEIA network at different countries than the ones involved through the partners involved in RE4Industry

RE4Industry industrial fora highlights

Within this deliverable the results of the RE4Industry fora set up in Task 24 will be collected in the form of a public report where the principal results will be presented Brussels actions will be described in English and an excerpt of the national results will be made available in English These documents will be prepared to be a simplified base for generating news releases and articles of interests for the dissemination channels of EIIs organisations

Success cases of RE integration in EIIs update

Update of D33 at month 30

Conditions for adopting RE by EIIs

Report developed based on the information compiled in D51 and D52 and collecting the sectoral consultation results from the industrial fora It contains the main conditions for adopting RE technologies and more prone alternatives towards 2050 including gaps in technology development needs for pilot and demonstrative projects and innovation actions shaped by inputs from CEOs company boards and other relevant actors of the EIIs

Template for a baseline methodology

Template developed in Task 4.1 including fields to be fulfilled by the Case Study Teams as well as a set of key indicators aligned with the main requirements of the selected use cases and a sample MoU.

Success cases factsheets initial report

Compilation of at least 10 factsheets on success cases 2 per grouped EII sectors eg steel nonferrous metals cement lime glass ceramics chemicals fertilizers following the templates methodology and KPIs designed in D33 and its consequent update in D34

Executive summary of RE4Industry Collaborative network final report

Update of D25 at month 36

Common understanding for the decarbonisation of Energy Intensive Industries in Europe and policy recommendations

The conclusions from previous deliverables in WP2 will be used in Task 25 to create a common understanding on the possibilities for decarbonization in the EU industry and develop policy recommendations that will be detailed in this report

Success cases of RE integration in EIIs initial report

This deliverable will be developed based on the work performed within Task 33 and 34 and will consist on the description of the methodology and KPIs for the collection of information on success cases of RE integration in the Energy Intensive Industry as well as a visually appealing template in word file and ppt for presentations that will be used to collect this information and to present it as a product for websites and key stakeholders

Executive summary of RE4Industry Collaborative network first report

Taking as a reference D23 this report will provide a shorter description of the outputs obtained from the Thematic Panels and Advisory Board with the objective of reaching a wider audience and becoming one of the key dissemination materials of the project

Report on the site visits

Short document describing the activities carried out at the site visits and the people involved in these visit including as well some generic information on the use cases addressed and main opinions from the engaged audience

Case study highlights in RE adoption for decarbonisation

Final document of WP4 summarizing the final results of the case studies under analysis and the methodology used including the selection of key indicators so that this information can be disseminated to the wide public

Project Communication kit

The main outcome of this deliverable will be the materials to be developed such as leaflets posters rollups etc

Project dissemination kit based on project results

The main outcome of this deliverable will be the materials to be developed such as leaflets, posters, roll-ups, etc, that will contain the project results.

Mapping tool of the EEIs

First public version of the mapping tool including data such as the location of EEIs in Europe per sector verified CO2 emissions and of RE used in the processes per facility and the evolution in time of this information and will be ready to include information on success cases and project case studies to be developed within the project

Project website

This deliverable will contain the main features that the RE4INDUSTRY website

Data Management Plan first draft

This deliverable is related to Task 13 Data Management Plan will set the basis for the Dissemination and exploitation but also the procedures for the sharing of data of the project This is the first version to be revised during the course of the project

Data Management Plan Update

This deliverable is related to Task 13 Data Management Plan will set the basis for the Dissemination and exploitation but also the procedures for the sharing of data of the project This is the updated version of D13


Decarbonisation of energy intensive industries via bioconversion of industrial CO2 into synthetic fuels

Autorzy: Alessandro A. Carmona-Martínez, Asier Rueda and Clara A. Jarauta-Córdoba
Opublikowane w: 2023
Wydawca: SDEWES

Assessment of renewable energy technologies providing electricity and heat for the decarbonisation of energy intensive industries

Autorzy: Alessandro Carmona, Alejandro Fresneda, Asier Rueda, Clara Jarauta
Opublikowane w: 2022
Wydawca: SDEWES

Biomass-derived solutions for the decarbonisation of the european steel, ceramics and glass sectors

Autorzy: Alessandro Carmona, Asier Rueda, Alejandro Fresneda, Emmanouil Karampinis, Aimilia Lympeti, Panagiotis Grammelis and Irene Bolea
Opublikowane w: 2022
Wydawca: European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

The role of RES and CCU in the energy consumption and decarbonization actions of Greek, Spanish, German and Dutch EIIs

Autorzy: Myrto Zeneli, Anatoli Rontogianni, Aimilia Lympeti, Panagiotis Grammelis, Benedetta Di Costanzo , Rainer Janssen, Cosette Khawaja, Martijn Vis, Bas Davidis, Patrick Reumerman, Clara Jarauta-Córdoba, Asier Rueda and Alessandro Carmona
Opublikowane w: 2023
Wydawca: SWEDES

The role of biogas and biomethane as renewable gases in the decarbonization pathway to zero emissions

Autorzy: Alessandro A. Carmona-Martínez , Carmen Bartolomé and Clara A. Jarauta-Córdoba
Opublikowane w: MDPI, 2023, ISSN 2227-9717
Wydawca: Processes
DOI: 10.3390/en16176164

Renewable Power and Heat for the Decarbonisation of Energy-Intensive Industries

Autorzy: Alessandro A. Carmona-Martínez, Alejandro Fresneda-Cruz, Asier Rueda, Olgu Birgi, Cosette Khawaja, Rainer Janssen, Bas Davidis ,Patrick Reumerman ,Martijn Vis, Emmanouil Karampinis, Panagiotis Grammelis and Clara Jarauta-Córdoba
Opublikowane w: Processes, 2022, ISSN 2227-9717
Wydawca: MDPI
DOI: 10.3390/pr11010018

Investigating the effect of regional characteristics on social support for renewable energy alternatives

Autorzy: N. Louvrou, I. Nydrioti
Opublikowane w: MDPI, 2024, ISSN 2227-9717
Wydawca: Processes

Bioconversion of Industrial CO2 into Synthetic Fuels

Autorzy: Alessandro A. Carmona-Martínez and Clara A. Jarauta-Córdoba
Opublikowane w: 2023, ISSN 2193-1801
Wydawca: Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH

Towards the Decarbonisation of the Energy Intensive Sector: Presenting RE4Industry Project

Autorzy: C. Jarauta-Córdoba, A. Carmona-Martínez, A. Rueda, I. Martín, C. Bartolomé.
Opublikowane w: 2021
Wydawca: EUBCE

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