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Advanced information technology in manufacturing engineering


AITIME is an integrating project of regional interest, under the ERPIN initiative. AITIME has a twofold motivation and goal:

First, to describe the present situation in Greece with regard to the application of the broad CIME technologies, to identify regional particularities and suggest custom approaches and solutions.

Second, to set up a knowledge transfer mechanism from the Community to the selected industrial companies and to investigate the issue of a more broad adaptability of the techniques developed to the industrial activity in Greece.

Work within the AITIME project will aim to:

Bring to the foreground the real-life industrial needs, by developing standard tools to analyse complex industrial situations and practices as well as to systematise the acquired methods and knowledge in a way that can be of practical interest to a much wider range of potential users.

Develop a mature understanding of the particular regional characteristics of the Greek industry vis-a-vis the CIME technologies at large, and design a strategy to overcome difficulties and exploit advantages, in an endeavour to enhance significantly the general participation of Greek industrial enterprises in the Community R&D programmes and, more generally, the familiarisation with the technology.

Embark on a systematic attempt to review and register in a coherent way knowledge and tools developed through the years within the Community, putting particular emphasis on the AICIME project, on the ground of the apparent similarities to AITIME, as far as the priorities and the general orientation are concerned.

Establish a means of effective technology transfer, first to the target industries but also provide the methodological tools to support a much wider applicability.

Provide a synergetic feedback to the benefit of a balanced Community action regarding the broader directions of the research and industrial policies, geared to the regional development initiatives and actions.

In achieving these objectives, AITIME is not only beneficial to its actors and partners in the industry and the services, but also promotes key European policies:

Successful operation of AITIME shall provide a real-life paradigm of an integrated approach to regional industrial problems. In fact, AITIME is a Regional Demonstrator promoting valid solutions to a wide range of issues: technological, organisational, problems of international co-operation, questions of funding, etc.

A successful AITIME project in Greece shall set the groundwork to operate an efficient and tested local node, making part of a network of European co-operation in CIME and the related industrial know-how. In this sense, AITIME serves as a valuable co-ordination and co-operation testbed, on one hand, and as an accumulator of experience in European synergy.


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