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Study of the mechanisms of secretion of heterologous proteins in filamentous fungi as a knowledge base for efficient protein production


The research in the laboratories involved in the pro-gramme is focused on various areas related to the secretion of pro-teins. These include isolation and characterisation of genes which are involved or enhance secretion, the glycosylation of proteins and its significance, the influence of production conditions on protein secretion, strategies for heterologous protein secretion and studies on protein targeting and secretion at the sub-cellular level.
Six meetings have been held in collaboration with the concerted action group co-ordinated by Professor J F Peberdy. The first meeting was held in November 1993 and was devoted to presentations of the research in progress in all laboratories involved in the programme. This was a highly profitable session leading to exchange of ideas, experiences of methods etc. Discussions were also held at one-to one level to explore more specific collaborations. The second meeting held in April 1994, took the form of a general forum on various aspects of secretion. All members were very positive in the exchange of information. In November 1994, the two groups met at the thirdth meeting in London as part of a larger meeting involving all fungal biochemistry/genetics/molecular biology groups funded by the EU 3rd Framework Biotechnology Programme. The fourth meeting was held in Helsinki in may 1995. During both of these sessions the CAP groups held a joint forum at which on-going research and new ideas were pres-ented. The fifth and sixth meeting were in Vienna in November 1995 and Toulouse in May 1996. During both of these sessions the CAP groups held a joint forum at which on-going research and new ideas were presented. As meetings of the BIOTECH project which developed from the two CAPs are held simultaneously, progress in this important research project on protein secretion in filamentous fungi is shared with CAP members.
The successful major grant proposal on Filamentous Fungi: a cell factory for the production of proteins and fungal metabolites arose from meetings of the CAP groups and other fungal researchers held in 1994 and 1995. This project will bring together 38 academic and industrial laboratories with a diversity of experimental and technical expertise that would enable major advances in the exploitation of these important organisms.

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