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Recyling of rinse waters from metal finishing facilities elimination of organics by catalytic oxidation


Objectives and content

Recycling process water is a growing need for a variety of industries faced with increasing water costs and environmental constraints. Metal finishing activities such as printed circuit board manufacturing produce large volumes of rinse water slightly contaminated with inorganic chemicals and organic additives. While the former can be removed with proven technologies, there is a need for effective processes for elimination of trace organics in order to allow recycling of rinse waler without negative impact on process bath quality.

The objective of the project is to develop a water recycling process adapted to this need, able to remove 95% of the Chemical Oxygen Demand of the rinse water by combining proven membrane separation (ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis) with an innovative chemical oxidation. Other industrial sectors such as the chemical, pulp and paper, mechanical, automotive and textile industries will also benefit from this water recycling technology for a sustainable developments.

Two types of advanced oxidations will be specifically investigated:
- an emerging technology, catalytic ozonation;
- an innovative concept, adsorption with closed-loop sorbent regeneration by catalytic wet oxidation.

The consortium combines the competences of Anjou-Recherche-Compagnie Générale des Eaux (CGE) (developer of oxidation processes for water treatment), OTV (designer-supplier of these processes and subsidiary of CGE) with those of Enirisorse (manufacturer of advanced materials), the Universities of Venice and Bologna-INCM (provision of experience on oxidation catalysts), the University of Poitiers-LCEN (research on water chemistry, advanced oxidation processes and catalytic ozonation) and Philips CFT (operational expertise on separation processes for cleaning baths and chemical process baths) which will use the recycling process. Bull (manufacturer of printed circuit boards) provides its experience of plating baths recycling and cleaning bath handling and will also be an end-user of the recycling technology.

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