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Time compression - a study of the leather making process to optimise production scheduling. minimising delays and bottlenecks and maximising through-put


Time has become a valuable resource. The world has changed radically in the last 10 years, new manufacturing nations have appeared, there is greater competition across national boundaries. The demand is for better products. Instead of becoming more homogeneous, the world market has fractured into a collection of individual niches which will absorb accelerated turnover. There are, therefore, more opportunities to develop and sell competitive products, but it will only be of benefit for those manufacturers who can respond fast enough. This applies equally to the European Tanning Industry as to the more obvious Hi-Tec industries. The Tanning Industry will only survive in these niche markets as long as it stays ahead of the competition. The objective of this project is to examine and implement the use of Time Compression techniques to improve factory processes, organization and design to essentially reduce through-put times and improve response times. The investigation will apply itself to all aspects of tannery operation. It will be possible at the end of the project to establish a common approach and framework for "saving time", which any tannery can implement and help improve it's competitiveness.

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