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VAX coating of gast iron


VAX COATING OF CAST IRON (ABSTRACT) Surface treatment of cast iron products ( park equipment, seats, fences, manhole covers etc ) has traditionally been performed with a suitable layer of paint in order to render an attractive surface, and to protect against wear. Although paints have become more environmentally friendly nowadays (employing water based solvents etc.), a good, wear resistant protection often requires the use of two component, solvent based paints with the associated environmental and working condition problems. The proposers of this project have put forward an idea to overcome these burdens Preliminary testing has shown that modified, hardened wax may be used for surface treatment of cast iron. It is in this context important to distinguish between natural, soft wax which can be applied at room temperature and natural, hardened wax possessing a higher hardness and which can only be applied after heating of the wax to a predefined temperature. Soft wax has been applied by various people in the past with lirnitations in surface quality, but this new material produces a coating which is both wear and scratch resistant. The wax considered here is a by-product from the production of mineral oil, a surplus product which use will have a significant positive impact on the environment. The use of this new technology will crtate additional market potentials for the involved companies, and at the same time improve the working conditions for the employees.

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