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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-07

A novel low-cost, high-performance (WASTE) water treatment process based on the combination of UV-light, ozone-gas and a catalyst


It has already been shown world-wide, that the disinfection as well as the oxidation of water is possible by the use of UV-light or ozone gas. However the combination of both into one system is new. Especially in combination with a -non harmful and recyclable- catalyst. The proposed process will dramatically improve the efficiency of the separate UV-light and ozone-water treating systemes by at least a factor 10 through the synergetic effect of decomposing ozone. The (recyclable) photocatalyst will even further improve its efficiency. The instrument is a typical example of a straightforward design and will thus require little attention and maintenance after installation. Besides, this process needs no further auxiliary chemicals, the use of ambient air and electrical energy is sufficient. The reaction products being mainly C02 and H20.

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