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Automatic manufacturing of lasts for the footwear industry


Last manufacturing process are based on the use of machines that copy a model and are able to produce at the same time 1 or 2 pairs of lasts. Current technologies, from USA,, are only able of manufacture a last from electronic data (digitised last), but are not linked with any CAD system and doesn't offer good accuracy, as they don't finish the toe and back part of the last, that must be hand-made. The present proposal defines the concept of a new system that, integrated with a CAD one and a digitiser device, will be able of manufacture a whole last, comprising the toe and back part, thus avoiding lack of accuracy and improving repeatability of last manufacturing machines. The consortium responsible is composed by a last manufacturer and a components manufacturer for the footwear industry, which also manufactures last. The research to be done is in the field of automation and integration of CAD/CAM systems. A new control for the machines must be developed and the link between it and the CAD and digitiser device developed, using data structure adequate.

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