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European radar-optical research assemblage.


ERA-ORA is a Concerted Action proposed for the theme 3 (Space techniques applied to environmental monitoring and research).
The general objective of the proposal is to improve the radar data analysis and utilisation tools developed by European researchers. This will be accomplished by having a pool of European researchers putting in common modeling programs and experimental data and sharing the experiences gained in their use for environment research and applications.
A Distributed Library (DL) will be organized, by making mutually accessible to the participants both theoretical models and experimental radar (and the eventually available simultaneous optical/IR) data with corresponding ground truth.
Land, i.e. bare soils, crops, forests and snow-covered terrains will be considered.
Meetings of working parties, two open workshops, and exchange of researchers will allow circulation of ideas, critical comparison of approaches and assessment of synergies in the course of the CA. At the conclusion of the CA, a Final Workshop will discuss the results, will identify the implications for an efflcient use of radar data and will give indications about the radar configurations which appear more sensitive to the considered environmental parameters, for a better definition of future missions.
The proposed CA is structured in three phases:
- Phase 1: Theoretical models and experimental data are put in common to forma Distributed Library (DL).
- Phase 2: The experimenters test the benefits that their applications drawfrom the availability of the wide set of models and data accessible throughthe DL. In particular, three aspects will be considered: synergy betweento retrieve environmental parameters.
- Phase 3: Final conclusions are drawn.
Radar has proven to be sensitive to important environmental parameters, like soil moisture, vegetation biomass, etc. However, up to day, the exploitation of radar potential in environmental applications has been limited by the restricted amount of experimental data and analysis/application tools available to the single European researchers.
This proposed CA intends to substantially enlarge the research tools at their disposal with the intent of inducing a significant advancement of research in remote sensing for Earth Observation.
The activities which will be fostered by the CA bear upon the information requirements in climate and environment studies and seek, in a following phase, a possible integration of the attained results and gained knowledge into major projects, like, for example, that on the impact of climate changes and other environmental factors on forest resources.

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