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Management of Renewable Resources : Institutions, regional differences and conflict avoidance related to environmental policies and illustrated by marine resource management


The goal is to develop general tools for sustainable development planning and management which can prevent dysfunction and conflicts in the field of marine resources/fisheries management at the local, national and transnational levels.

The project is based on case studies of marine resources management in six European countries (Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Spain) and examines the relations between:

i) political and legal institutions which are designed to regulate the protection and exploitation of the environment ;

ii) socio-cultural institutions including knowledge, social organisation and the social practices related to the use of the natural resources in the areas and regions covered;

iii) renewable resources, i.e. fisheries, that are transboundary in nature.

Particular attention is paid to the intended and unintended effects of policies and socio-cultural practices on resources aboundance, economic welfare and social organization in the cases under consideration and across countries.

The study seeks to draw conclusions in respect of :

i) the implementation and viability of regulatory measures in the field of fisheries management;

ii) the identification of common and particular causes of conflict to allow the assessment of common versus specifically adapted management measures;

iii) the undertsanding of whether there is a correlation between the level of decision-making (EU, national, local) and the conflict over management rules.

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