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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-30

Ultimate resolution x-ray spectroscopy of exotic atoms


The proposed project concerns one of the most challenging directions of modern physics which aims to enlarge the understanding of the hadronic interaction at threshold. A novel approach in this field concerns the investigation of the nucleon-antinucleon interaction. The only method to yield direct information about the spin-spin and spin-orbit terms is high resolution and high precision spectroscopy of antiprotonic X-rays in light elements.
Its realisation requires a step ahead in the development of scientific instrumentation, especially for high resolution doubly focusing Bragg crystals, fast analog and digital VLSI technology, novel CCD detection system and a new high velocity data transfer and analysis system.
Highly successful test experiments during the last year have clearly demonstrated the feasibility of the project. Already from these limited tests new physical results could be extracted. During the following two years the systematical investigation of the antiprotonic X-ray transitions in the elementary systems -pH, -pD, p-3He, and p-4He will be carried out from which we expect new and fundamental insight in the structure of the hadronic interaction at low energies.

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