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Photo and electroproduction of strangeness


The hadronic reactions (K-,pi-) and (pi+,K+) are used to produce a strangeness quantum number S = -1 in a nucleus converting a nucleon into a hyperon. The creation of a hyperon in a nucleus offers an important opportunity to study their innermost structure.
In this project we propose to study photo and electro production of strangeness, that are believed to be complementary to the previous reactions. The dominance of spin-flip amplitudes in (v, K+) and (e, e'K+) allow us to observe spin multiplets.
The advent of high duty cicle and high intensity electron acelerators, CEBAF(Virginia), as well as electron synchrotron of INS (Tokyo), will permit the exploration of strangeness in nuclei by means of photo and electronnucleus reactions.
In addition, the inclusion of polarizations in the process is very promising, since the knowledge of the spin state of the hypernucleus favours the study of the decay mechanism of the hyperon and its magnetic moment in the nuclear environment.

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