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SRS: an object-oriented software environment to search and analyse multiple and networked molecular biological databases residing in local and remote sites


The primary aim of this proposal is the creation of a computer package (SRS for Sequence Retrieval System) that will allow scientific users to search and analyse most all molecular biological databases from their home site. The SRS framework for the algorithmic modules will be object-oriented. A recently developed computer language (ODD for Object Design and Definition) will be significantly expanded to integrate easily all flat-file databases regardless of format and information type. A comprehensible and easily understood query language will be developed for users.
Data read (ROB) and analysis (SOB) objects will be specifically created; for instance, a ROB could gather all human lipid-associated protein sequences while a given SOB could predict the helical transmembrane spans within the collected primary structures.
Interface modules will allow communication with file servers at remote computer sites to extract and search databases for query-requested information, analyse the resulting data with remote or local programmeengines, and present transparently the results to the user at the local site.
Data analysis can also be performed through a local or remote BATCH environment permitting usage of specially architectured computers (eg, massively parallel).
The SRS package will be user-friendly, will connect a local client to a worldwide server network for information and algorithmic resource sharing, and will operate on VAX/VMS and several UNIX systems.


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