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EUROGEM - Resource Centre 2


This proposal aims to provide the second Resource Centre for the EUROGEM programme. The centre will provide DNA markers and the necessary expertise to build high resolution genetic linkage maps of each chromosome. The aim will be to exend the work started in the first round of the project. The Resource Centre will supply PCR formatted DNA markers of high heterozygosity to each of the Network laboratories to genotype. These markers will form the framework of the genetic maps. Up to 1500 marker equivalents will be supplied in 24 months for genotyping by the Network laboratories. They will consist of markers obtained from the Genethon project, markers published in the literature, as well as a range of tri-tetra nucleotide repeat markers isolated by the resource centre. Many of these will be targeted to fill gaps which exist in the current maps. Also, to help enhance the existing maps, PCR markers detecting variations within, or close to known genes will be distributed. This will help us to create landmarks on the maps and they will be important resources for the future integration of these markers into the physical maps and for screening on the YAC and cosmid libraries.
As well as supplying and distributing markers we also aim to assist with the necessary computing problems associated with map building. We will offer a service to the Network laboratories to help with database and networking problems and to collaborate in the construction of the multi-point linkage maps of each chromosome. We will also extend this analysis to produce meiotic breakpoint maps of each chromosome. These will be of enormous value for the future of geneticmapping and will reduce the number of samples to be genotyped on each chromosome and should speed the process of assigning markers to specific chromosome intervals. Another important by-product of this work will be the ability to define a set of markers suitable for use in genome searching for linkage to a particular disease.
We also aim to offer a number of training opportunities for scientists and technicians from the Network laboratories. Training in laboratory techniques and also in the use of computer software for the construction of the multi-point linkage maps and the databases for the genotyping data will be given.


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