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The International Congress on Mathematical Physics


The objective of the Congress is to prevent the most important achievements of mathematical physics in the recent period of time and create the opportunity for the effective interdisciplinary flow of information. Besides the canonical domain, (such as equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, condensed matter physics, quantum mechanics and spectral theory, quantum field theory string theory, M theory and duality, general relativity, dynamical systems, nonlinear PDE's and fluid dynamics, operator algebras and noncommutative geometry, quantum chaos and semiclassical approximations), it will include new directions involving research in bio-mathematical-physics and quantum information which are expected to be of crucial technological relevance in the future. it will be an important opportunity for integration of a broad domain of mathematical sciences in European Union and is expected to enable to many researchers to begin new collaborations. A novelty of this Congress will be also a special emphasis on the training of PG students and young researchers. Besides numerous invited lectures by leading scientists in the world, the program will have an extensive public program with lectures by distinguished scientists M. Atiyat, A.Connes M. Gell - Mann, S. Hawking an d D. Ruelle which, besides other things, should play a special inspirational role to the those beginning their scientific carrier.

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Type of Event: Large Conference
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This event takes place in Imperial College, London

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