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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-24

Identifying Wars: Systematic Conflict Research and Its Utility in Conflict Resolution and Prevention


The proposed conference will gather leading European researchers who share a focus on causes of armed conflict and on conflict dynamics. The invitation specifically targets: 1) researchers who produce quantitative conflict data; 2) researchers who use these data in their work on related phenomena; and 3) practitioners involved in making policy to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts effectively. The first scientific objective of the conference is to compare definitions and methodology across the data collection projects, in order to allow outputs to explain better the relative weight of causal factors (environmental degradation, democratic institutions, ethnic diversity) and their interaction.

The goals for the field as a whole are to improve the accessibility of the scientific outputs for policy makers and to spur cooperative problem solving and critique among the leading European projects, newer research groups using the conflict data and the key reference group of US experts. This conference is the first ever to focus on the state-of-the field of conflict data collection and analysis in Europe, and the insights gained should improve the overall quality and coordination of future work.

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This event takes place in Uppsala


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