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Application of multi-parameter polarimetry in environmental remote sensing


A wealth of next generation remote sensing data will be offered by instrumentation operating at different polarisations and frequencies, using multiple baselines or from multi-static sensors. New and more effective remote sensing applications will emerge from the exploitation and analysis of such data. The techniques so developed will have important economic and environmental impacts, with application in areas such as the remote sensing of land and terrain characteristics for environmental management purposes, or in the observation and assessment of the atmospheric state. The realisation of this potential offered by multi-parameter polarimetric measurements forms the main focus of this proposal. The proposed research will be directed towards practical application with accompanying development work confined to the area of the modelling and retrieval of those land and atmospheric parameters Particularly required by the user community. The composition of this network will serve as the bridge by which the knowledge and expertise that has hitherto been largely confined to specialised research laboratories, can be transferred to the commercial sector, whilst at the same time providing the feedback required to ensure that future research in this multi-disciplinary field is focussed towards the needs of the user community.


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