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TElematic MArket of services related to digital objects


The employment of the Information Technology for the enhancement of the enterprise activities is based on the processing of digital data entities, namely digital objects, representing the information of the good or service both in a design and production phase. The major benefits are a reduced time-to-market of the new products, besides a high quality level of the final results.
This is an opportunity for the creation of virtual markets for digital object treatment, where every enterprise can search the processing services it is interested in, but also new companies can gain a market share by providing new services for the categories of interesting digital objects. The variety of the required services and the number of possible digital objects asking for them lead to the conclusion that, on the base of the Web technologies, a faster growing number of enterprises interested to the same digital object types will become providers or customers of the processing services.

The proposed pilot action is targeted to formalise and test a methodology to:
1. Define new markets for "digital object handling" and related market opportunities;
2. Facilitate the setting-up of new companies based on peculiar know-how, skill and the necessary capability of providing high quality performance in certain categories of digital object processing;
3. Make a preliminary test of the ITC tools to create and enhance a virtual market based on an Internet portal.

Such a methodology will be the core of a virtual incubator of enterprises implementing the market of digital objects processing through:
- the guideline books for the support of the potential user enterprises to access this new market;
- the set up of a network as reference point with a view to create successful schemes "show cases";
- to support measures to all enterprises that apply innovative methodologies with a view for implementing the process of their internal production;
- a virtual intranet portal, connected to the Internet, to standardise data exchange and connect service providers with customers;
- to share and promote information on benefits of processing digital objects through the above-mentioned items.

Specific results expected at the end of the project lifetime: The results of the project will be:
- The virtual incubator methodology itself;
- The show-case produced by running the simulated examples;
- The experience gained by setting up and running at least two different Internet portals to standardise object communication format. The attention will be focused on ITC standards, relevant with respect to the test cases.

The program results will not only act as an incubator rule for company-to-born but also as a seed for new markets: up to now, services related to digital object handling are not at all a real market since customers and providers have to search each other mainly on a geographical local basis. Hence, the presence of Internet portals will act as meeting points, a sort of virtual marketplaces, were business opportunities can grow easily.


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