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Clean and efficient energy conversion processes



The objective of the project is to develop a radiant surface burner with internal recuperation, that has high efficiencies and low emissions. This clean and efficient energy conversion process will be a combination of two units: a radiant surface burner and a ceramic heat exchanger. Two types of radiant surface burner will be developed: a premix radiant surface burner and a non-premix radiant surface burner. Consequently, two versions of the combustion air preheating process will be validated: a premix burner with internal recuperation and a non-premix burner with internal recuperation. Preheating of the combustion air will take place within the ceramic heat exchanger. The capacity of the prototype process will be around 50 kW.
Technical Approach

The following will be carried out:

- development of a safety device that will reduce explosion risks for premix radiant surface burners;
- development of a premix radiant surface burner equipped with an economic metal fibre mat;
- development of a non-premix radiant surface burner, that will be designed for high temperature conditions, i.e. high furnace temperatures (above 800oC) and high preheat temperatures (up to 700oC);
- development of a ceramic heat exchanger, capable of operating on processes up to 1400oC;
- validation of both prototype burners with internal recuperation, i.e. of both combinations of radiant surface burners and ceramic heat exchanger.
Expected Achievements and Exploitation

The outputs of this project will be:

- prototypes of the premix radiant surface burners, of which the surface is made of sintered metal fibres and the burner house is partly made of ceramics;
- prototypes of the non-premix radiant surface burners, made of suitable materials and designed at optimum using information obtained in this project;
- prototypes of the ceramic heat exchangers based on the methodology developed in this project.

The industrial contractors have considerable experience of transferring technology from research and development into the market place. Gasunie, British Gas, Gaz de France and Danish Gas Technologies Centre will fully support the launch of any new product that may arise from exploiting the results of the project and they will publish and promote the energy saving and environmental benefits associated with the products.

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