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Acoustic Communication using parametric array


Underwater acoustic communication through a channel which is shallow by comparison to range (with typical range over depth ratio of the order of 100) raises several difficult issues
which are further amplified when it is required to design a
communication system for an AUV (Autonomous Underwater
Vehicle). Massive multipaths, limited bandwidth and array
size, large Doppler effect and non stationary behaviour are
the main problems to be solved to achieve a viable system. The use of parametric transduction is a potential candidate for
medium range communication because of the small achievable
array size, large proportional bandwidth, and high
directionality of the wave generation process.

This project aims to design, build, and demonstrate at sea the feasibility of the concept for communication between fixed and moving platforms. The project should establish the design
rules for the parametric array technology and explore the
limitations of the project. It will be the first project to
demonstrate fully the possibilities of the technology in data transmission.

The project will further explore other aspects of
communication system options, such as equalisation, channel
coding, and time recovery issues. The project should also
provide a global simulator for the communication link which
includes the channel, the array, and the platform motion.

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