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Mediterranean Targeted Project II-Mass Transfer and Ecosystem Response


The main goal of the MATER project devoted to the Mediterranean Sea will be: - to study and quantify the triggering ans controlling processes of mass and energy (water ans its dissolved and particulate matter) transfer (transport and transformation) between the different compartments and in contrasting environments (from eutrophic to oligotrophic, from shelf to basins), - to appraise the time and space scales of the phenomena, in identified structures of the Mediterranean system (basin and subbasin, mesoscale and submesoscale),
- to investigate the ecosystem response to these transfers and its evolution with time, from short term to long term through seasonal and interannual, as recorded in the water masses, in the biological communities and in the sediment.
For a better understanding of the funtioning of the Mediterranean Ecosystem, interdisciplinary studies are needed to ensure a strong coupling between the dynamics of the water masses and the behaviour of dissolved and particulate, biogenic and abiogenic substances (source, transportation, transformation and sink). The interactions between experimentalists and modellers will be fostered, developping appropriate in situ observations to generate, to check and to calibrate models. The ecosystem models will be generated and applied at different scales for the entire system including the hydrological and biological system (benthic and pelagic) and long term changes. The proposal is structured in seven research tasks I to VII which present the scientific topics and six workpackages, from 1 to 6, which describe the operating strategy for a multi-disciplinary work plan; the three subbasins - Western Mediterranean, Adriatic/Ionian and Aegean/Levantine, represent the main sites of implementation..
The project includes more than 60 partners from different european countries and some non-EAA partners which conforte the scientific structure. A strong link between co-ordination-management and data management will be ensured.

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