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High protein drink from quinoa seed


The aim of this project is to find a feasible route to produce a healthy, nutritious and tasteful drink from the quintal seed. The quintal seed comes from the quintal plant (Chenopod Quintal wild) which originates from Latin America and grows in the high altiplano from the Andes. The seed is rich in protein and contains a better amino acid balance than the protein in most cereals and is considered even better than cow's milk. It may prove a better protein source than most of the true cereals. It is high in the essential amino acids lysine, motioning and cosine, making it complementary both to other grains (which are notably deficient in lysine) and to legumes such as beans (which are deficient in motioning and cosine). Quintal is higher than wheat, corn or white rice in iron, phosphorus, and calcium. The new aspect in this project is the production of a healthy quintal drink by a method which will produce a tasteful product and in which the nutritious value is retained. Two different methods of production will be investigated and therefore thorough research is needed.

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