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Improvement of robot industrial standardisation


The international standard ISO 9283 (Manipulating Industrial Robots - Performance Criteria and Related Test Methods) which has become the European standard EN 29283 has the following deficiencies:
- Because of deficiencies of the standard itself, the values defined within ISO 9283 do not sufficiently and reliably exhibit the accuracy requirements for teach-in and off-line programming, and for robot exchange and quality control. - The standard ISO 9283 is not oriented towards robot applications. The relation between the defined performance criteria and the robot applications is not transparent.
- Because of these deficiencies the standard is rarely used, which in itself is a deficiency for an international standard.
Thus, the goals of the proposed project are:
- Investigation of robot test procedures and test equipment at different robot users in Europe. Different classes of robot users are defined: users having a maximum of 10 robots (class II), users with a number of robots between 10 and 1 and users with more than 100.
- Determination and analysis of robot-user's requirements for robot performance criteria and testing procedures.
- Classification of different robot test procedures in function of robot applications, enabling the robot user to select the right robot for his application. Envisaged robot applications are: spot welding, are welding, spray painting and coating, assembly, gluing, handling, water jet and laser cutting, deburring and sensor based robot applications (vision, torque/force sensors,...).
- Improvement of performance criteria, and related measurement and evaluation methods/procedures for industrial robots which are to be used for comparison of robots, quality control and for quality assurance.
- Further development and validation of automated measurement systems for EN 29283 / ISO 9283 and criteria with better reliability.
- Dissemination of the standard and determination system to European users and manufacturers of industrial robots.
- Contribution to the revision of ISO 9283 initiated by ISO TC184 / SC2 / WG2.
'Standards, Measurements & Testing' workprogramme areas covered by the project are: THEME 1: Measurements for Quality European Products Including Written Standards for Industry 2.1.4
Technical Support to the Achievement of Total Quality in Measurement - The scientific and technical basis for written European standards. - Effective product control and inspection techniques.
- Instrumental software validation, networking and 'self'-calibration. - Simplified testing procedures to reduce demands on operators. - Quality assurance procedures adapted to the needs of SMEs.

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