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Testing of special transport equipment for wheelchair users


To improve the integration of wheelchair users in society, a better integration of mobility aids, means of transport and transport devices and systems is needed. This integration can only be realised by the process of standardisation of all related products. Standardisation is required, in particular, for three groups of devices that represent the links with the various means of transport and systems and, consequently, play a crucial role in the transport chain for people using a wheelchair for their independent mobility:
wheelchairs used as seats in motor vehicles,
wheelchair tie-down and occupant restraint systems for motor vehicles,
stair climbing devices (for taking wheelchairs up and down stairs).

The objective of the project is to provide a knowledge basis for the development of a CEN/ISO standards specifying performance criteria, safety requirements, test methods and test equipment for three groups of devices mentioned above.
Field studies have been carried out to evaluate the daily practice of wheelchair users and transport service personnel. In particular, it has been examined how different types of wheelchairs are restrained and how stair climbing devices are used in practice. Once the requirements have been established, experiments will be carried out to detect potential hazards, in particular with stair climbing devices.
The safety and usability aspects of special transport equipment for wheelchair users will be analysed and transposed to standardisation requirements, test methods and test equipment. The requirements and test methods will be validated by testing a representative sample of the current market for each of the three types of devices. Industry will be involved by means of workshops and by using the extensive network of all the partners, built on many years of test and research activity. Users will be involved via close contacts between some partners and disability organisations and via a special user panel connected to one of the partners. The results of the project will be transmitted to ISO TC173 / SC1 / WG's 1,6 and 8 and to CEN TC 293 / WG 2 and disseminated towards industry, authorities, transport companies and users.

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