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Qualification Methodologies and Certification of Adhesive Bonding Procedure in the Automotive Component Industry


Adhesive Tcchnology has been increasingly applied within the Automotive sector in the last 20 years. Although this joining technology is aiready used with full confidence in this industry, no specific standards for qualification of the bonding proccdure and operators as well as for its certification is known. In fact, the joint reliability and quality assurance is in most of the cases carried out by internal specifications or demanded by the car manufacturer, represented by large enterprises as FORD-VOLKSWAGEN, TOYOTA, RENAULT, Etc. Adhesive bonding is considered by ISO 9001 as a special process and therefore there is a need for qualification and certification of procedures and operators. The aim of this project is to define methodologies for the qualification and certification of adhesive bonding procedures and operators applied to the joining of automotive components. Adhesive bonding specifications and qualification variables will be defined accordingly to the product to be produced. Finally, it is expected to produce a common specification within the sector through the standarization of the main adhesive bonding qualification variables. A feasibility study will be carried out in order to allow lo define an adequale survey and lype of lests for lhe qualification methodology. The results of this project will be a step forward in the quality of the product and will allow a closer collaboration between European SME`s automotive components due to a common standard language within the adhesive bonding qualification which will enable the "joint-venture" between them. Moreover, it is expected to extend the methodologies developed to other industries in which adhesive bonding is used as a prime joining technique in which the qualification of the process is required by ISO 9000 standards.

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