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Inspection and calibrating systematics for plastics processing machines


In Europe as well as in other western industrialized countries, guidelines are introduced for quality management referring to DIN EN ISO 9000 ff, QS 9000 etc., in which the checking of gauges is defined as an important element. For reduction and avoiding of test costs two new paths for quality checks of moulded parts are treated in plastics processing: 1. Automatical documentation of process parameters and supervision of control and, tolerance limits 2. Quality prognosis with multiple regression equations with process parameters. Therefore innovative inspection and calibrating systematics are necessary, which are cut-to-size to the process, for all sensors and measuring chains for plastics processing machines. Additionally this is the prerequisite for the transfer of machine settings to other plastics processing machines. With the introduction of this system in field of plastics processing savings of about 50% of the SPC-costs (Statistical Process Control) can be realized solely for quality inspection. The motivation of the SME for this fproject is the demand for cost reduction in quality control and the minimised set-up, operation for restarting of production of the same moulded parts on the same or, another machine with continuous inspection and calibration. The reduction of the quality inspection costs of the moulded parts are in the range of 30 - 50 %: This results in decreasing manufacturing costs of 15 - 30 % for every moulded part with quality inspection.

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