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Comparative Emission Measurements of Air Polluting Compounds to Improve E(nvironmental)-Quality


To realize comparable and consistent results when using analytical methods laboratories take part in so called interlaboratory investigations. In these investigations identical samples of all kind of materials are analysed and the results are compared to find out how far the results are deviating. This comparison gives laboratories the possibility to check their results and to maintain or improve the quality.
If stable samples are not available, as is the case when performing emission measurements of air polluting compounds in stack gases (chlorides, fluorides, particulate matter (including heavy metals) and gaseous mercury and cadmium), it is necessary to execute comparative measurements in situ to reach comparability and to maintain or improve the quality.
A thematic network is proposed with the following objectives:. Realization of the harmonization of comparative emission measurements. Spreading of knowledge about the execution of comparative measurements. Definition of the gaps in knowledge about the (statistical) interpretation of the results
. Definition of research proposals to improve the execution of comparative measurements.
The work programme of the exploratory phase consists of:
. Inventory of the current practice in executing comparative emission measurements
. Investigation of the willingness of measuring institutes to take part in the network
. Preparation of an overview of the present situation and a proposal for the realization of the network to realize harmonization of comparative emission measurements in stack gases.

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