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Network for Exchange of Expertise in Urban Environments


CODATA FRANCE would coordinate a European Network for exchanging expertise in methods for measuring pollution in urban environments. CODATA has always been concerned with the quality and reliability of data. This particular project aims at ensuring high quality methods:
1) for measuring and sampling various forms of urban pollution (soil and water contamination, air construction, waste disposal,...) as well as such problems as noise, loss of heat from building, water leakage, etc.);
2) for managing the information then obtained, by modelization and simultation techniques;
3) for providing good predictability with the aid of visualization, GIS restitution,...
The studies and eventual proposals, based on quality information, would then be shared with decision makers, such as municipal authorities, and the population at large.
By its contacts with industry (norms and quality), with different Municipal services and departments in Italy, Germany and the U.K. with scientific research laboratories, CODATA is very well situated to coordinate such a project, and a number of European partners have already agreed to work within such a framework and for this project with the intention of identifying, sharing and transferring their expertise.
The Network would: - establish inventories of local and regional pratices and norms, - examine the methods used to ensure traceability of measurements,- eliminate weaknesses by studying divergences, - define, if necessary, pre-norm guidelines, - determine a set of recommendations for reliable and valid methods for exchanging and transferring data in these areas, for recommending processes ensuring better decision-making (determination thresholds, choosing methods, evaluating different strategies.
In cooperation with the Municipal Environment Services of Munster and with LNE, CODATA will propose a 3 year work program, covering the points cited above and will adapt it according to the discussions that will take place during this first exploratory phase (6 months). A Report describing the steps taken and the final Action Program will be prepared. This could be widely circulated and could even be the background paper for a one day workinf session.The complementary character of the different partners is all the more valuable in that we hope to clearly inventory municipal problems encountered in very diverse contexts: methods involving coastal area pollution (Genoa), industrial pollution (Birmingham and/or Glasgow) and problems of cities with systems developed in successive layers (Berlin, Munster). All the partners are equally eager for proper evaluation of methods for measuring pollution. All have expressed the need for regular and valid data exchanges for comparative evaluations.

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