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Zero damage Ultra-Low-K etch using the precursor CONDensation technique

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Low damage ULK etching by means of high boiling point organic condensation

Author(s): R. Chanson, N. Holtzer, P. Lefaucheux, R. Dussart, P. Shen, K. Urabe, C. Dussarat, K. Maekawa, K. Yatsuda, S. Tahara and J.-F. de Marneffe
Published in: 2017

Cryo-etching: fundamental mechanisms

Author(s): R. CHANSON, S. Tahara, K. Sasa, C. Dussarat, R. Dussart, T. Thillocher, P. Lefaucheux, J-F demarneff
Published in: 2017

Cryo-etching for integration in micro-electronic : Silicon deep etch for contact and low-k integration in Back end of line (BEOL)

Author(s): Romain Chanson, Philippe Lefaucheux, Remi Dussart, Tillocher Thomas, Peng Shen, Keiichiro Urabe, Christian Dussarat, Kaoru Maekawa, Koichi Yatsuda, Shigeru Tahara, Jean-Francois de Marneffe
Published in: 2017

Cryo-etching for low-k integration : Phenomenon screening from condensation to damages propagation a 0 damage process is reached

Author(s): R. Chanson, J-F. De Marneffe, R. Dussart, T. Thomas, L. Philippe
Published in: 2016

Option for low damage processing during FSAV : GPPS and alternative plug

Author(s): R. Chanson, J.F. de Marneffe, K. Babaei Gavan, F. Lazzarino, T. Yamaguchi, K. Yatsuda
Published in: 2017

Comparison of C4F8 and Higher boiling point organic for low-k cryo-etching

Author(s): F.Leroy, N. Brochu, R. Chanson, R.Dussart, T. Tillocher, J.‑F. de Marneffe, L Zhang, K. Maekawa, K. Yatsuda, S. Tahara, C. Dussarrat
Published in: 2016

Low-k cryo-etching : Comparison of four different High Boiling Point Organic (HBPO)

Author(s): R. CHANSON, S. Tahara, K. Sasa, C. Dussarrat, R. Dussart, T. Tillocher, P. Lefaucheux, J-F de marneffe
Published in: 2017