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Support to JPI Urban Europe


Proposals should aim to implement a solid opening-up strategy of the JPI Urban Europe, for enlarging participation of more European partner countries getting involved in the JPI initiative, including from Widening countries, and to further enhancing the commitment and broader participation of countries. Proposals should build on the coordination action ‘EXPAND – Enhancing co-creation in JPI Urban Europe through widening Member State and stakeholder participation’[[ Grant Agreement number 726744 awarded under Horizon 2020 - part 15. Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation]] that is expected to establish a Stakeholder Involvement Platform for the widening of participation and capacity building in terms of countries, regions, stakeholders and urban actors. In that regard, proposals should ensure the sustainability of the Stakeholder Involvement Platform. Proposals should engage a wide variety of countries in the activities of the JPI Urban Europe with the support of existing complementary resour

In tackling societal challenges in the area of sustainable urbanisation, fragmented national research and innovation programmes represent an obstacle for European collaboration. In some countries, the situation has led to an underrepresentation of such countries in transnational collaboration. The different national research and innovation systems, approaches and instruments in these countries also add to the challenge. Furthermore, urban policy-making is often hampered by the limited cross-sector cooperation which does not allow a strong policy support that is based on scientific evidence.

Following the implementation of the actions foreseen by the Commission’s Communication on Joint Programming to tackle Europe’s major societal challenges of 2008, the Competitiveness Council has launched altogether ten Joint Programming Initiatives so far, among which is the Joint Programming Initiative ‘Urban Europe - Global Urban Challenges, Joint European Solutions’ (JPI Urban Europe)[[ Council Conclusio

- Increased scale and scientific quality of urban-related research and innovation activities as well as the overall coherence, complementarity and efficiency of the use of European research and innovation resources in this area including from Widening countries. In this context, relevant geographical spread is expected (medium to long term impact);

- Further professionalised programme management and more diversified instruments supporting implementation of the JPI Urban Europe Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda corresponding to the conditions of all types of countries as well as the JPI Urban Europe strategy development beyond 2020 (short to medium term impact);

- Increased synergies, complementarities and alignment between the strategies, activities and related resources of the JPI Urban Europe and other existing resources such as the ESI Funds, mostly present in Widening countries (medium term impact);

- More efficient valorisation and take-up of research findings both in