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Partitioning and transmutation of minor actinides towards industrial applications


This action aims to strengthen important Euratom research undertaken in previous programmes and make real advances towards demonstration of P&T processes – a key component of future fuel cycle strategies to some Member States, whether critical or sub-critical ADS advanced and innovative reactor systems. This research will improve the safety of processes by using state-of-the-art P&T technology towards a closure of the nuclear fuel cycle.

Even if a final repository would still be needed, P&T would drastically reduce the radiotoxicity, heat production and package volume of high-level radioactive waste, thereby easing the long-term safety of a final repository as stated by some Member States. It will strengthen EU/Euratom leadership in this domain and open new avenues towards increased energy security of supply and industrial competitiveness.

Although R&D on advanced fuel cycle technologies has been carried out for decades, there is consensus within the international community th