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A strategy for the EuroPhysiome


The Physiome Project is a "grass roots" effort to provide a computational framework to facilitate the understanding of the integrative function of cells, organs and organisms that is being undertaken by the loosely coupled actions of a number of individual laboratories world wide. It aims to create an exhaustive multiscale in silico model of the human physiology. STEP is designed to provide coherence to European Physiome-related activities by creating an integrated framework, the EuroPhysiome, which, while remaining true to the Physiome concept, can accelerate the progress of the European teams by avoiding redundancy, enhancing compatibility, etc.

By forming the individual actions into a collective European response, it will also enable issues such as common objectives, overall effectiveness and impact, dissemination, availability of resources and long-term sustainability to be addressed, for the first time, at a European level.STEP has recognised that tackling the whole physiome is too ambitious for a relatively small Coordination Action and will therefore exclude consideration of the brain and perceptual/cognitive aspects. Subject to this constraint, and with the assistance of the Physiome coordinators, STEP has gathered the existing European projects that are working under the Physiome umbrella into the current consortium. STEP has an inclusive philosophy and will be happy to include new projects, or existing projects somehow overlooked, into its activities.

These will consist of two conferences and several focused discussions, for which Internet-based media will be widely used. STEP will have an Advisory Board containing eminent figures from the Physiome project and representatives of industrial organisations and professional societies. It will also set up an Expert Panel with a wide scope to ensure that all shades of opinion are aired within the debates. The outcome will be a road map reflecting a coherent vision for the future EuroPhysiome.

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