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Older People's e-services at home


The OLDES project will offer new technological solutions to improve the quality of life of older people. OLDES aims at developing a very low cost and easy to use entertainment and health care platform designed to ease the life of older people in their homes. In order to achieve this, new concepts developed in Information Technologies will be integrated and adapted. The platform will be based on a PC corresponding to Negroponte's paradigm of a 100 device, giving the guarantee of an affordable system. OLDES will provide: user entertainment services, through easy-to-access thematic channels and special interest forums supported by animators; and health care facilities based on established Internet and tele-care communication standards.

The system will include wireless ambient and medical sensors linked via a contact centre to social services and health care providers. OLDES will also cover the definition, implementation and evaluation of a Knowledge Management (KM) program, an advanced user profiling system that will enhance the communication between all the stakeholders of the system. The system will be tested at two different locations: Italy over a group of 100 elderly (including 10 suffering with cardio disease) and Czech Republic over a group of 10 diabetic patients. OLDES puts older people at the centre and makes their needs the main priority in all developments.

This will be achieved through the use of modelling and animation tools to create scenarios designed to elicit responses from older people, their carers, and service providers. Animation and simulation will help to ensure that developments are, at all stages, grounded in the realties of social and health care, the cultures and economies of the specific pilot contexts, and as wide a range as possible of other European public service contexts. To maximise the flexibility and exploitability of its products, technical outputs will be packaged appropriately into highly configurable service components.

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