CORDIS - Wyniki badań wspieranych przez UE

SusTainable AiRports, the Green heArT of Europe


Stargate newsletter

Internal newsletters with results announcements and other Stargate related articles Goal of the newsletters is to inform interested parties in updates results and news from the STARGATE project

Stargate website

Stargate website with updated news at least once a month Goal of the website is to provide news and insights results on the different actions implemented at all STARGATE airports

Annual overview on communication and dissemination

Annual overview on communication and dissemination actions Goal of the deliverable is to report on the various communication and dissemination activities of all partners and at all levels

Conceptual framework of circularity

Document stating a conceptual framework of circlularity in terminals Goal of the public report is to inform and support future uptake of circularity in terminals in other airports

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