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Researchers are Stars for One Night


The Researchers are Stars for one Night (ReaSON) project aims to increase awareness of the fact that scientific research is a very useful and practical contribution to the development of society and that researchers are “ordinary people” who are doing a very interesting and important job. The challenge for the project is to communicate and to practically demonstrate to the large public that the researchers’ career is driven by curiosity and creativity and research laboratories are places where these qualities are valorised. This should contribute to further reduce the gap between the large public and the research community. Interactive public participation in all the Researchers' night activities - especially through enabling children and young people to “play” researcher under the guidance of well known and experienced researchers and by showing that scientific research has very close links with daily life experiences of which we are not always completely aware - will convince people that scientific careers are fascinating and will stimulate young people’s interest in a scientific career. The Consortium has planned synergic activities exploiting partners’ complementary expertise and knowledge. The event, jointly designed by all partners and scientific supporters, will take place in four of the most important towns in Piedmont: Turin, Alessandria, Vercelli and Biella. An active role is played by researchers of various universities in Piedmont at all stages of the project, preparation, implementation, and evaluation and dissemination. The project partners will build on the experiences made in organising the very successful Researchers’ Night 2006 and on the regional networks that were developed to involve all the major regional stakeholders in the organisation of the Olympic Winter Games 2005.

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