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Fighting Aneurysmal Diseases


Fighting Aneurysmal Diseases (FAD) is a public health in EU, because of the ageing population. In the absence of intervention, aneurysms evolve towards rupture and death. The translational objectives of the project are to accelerate the acquisition of knowledge, and to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic tools for FAD in humans. The project innovates by integrating two different localizations differing in their initial etiologies but similar in their evolution. FAD will be built by pooling existing and new clinical & biological databases in EU. Tissue and cell banks will be constituted. The deliverables will be the standardization of clinical and biological procedures and the recording of all the material available in the consortium. These databases will provide a basis for genetic studies. Pathophysiology of aneurysms will be explored through human tissue and experimental models in transgenic animals, focusing on the role of proteases and their source within diseased tissues. Human databases, genetic & pathophysiological concepts will provide basis for the development of new diagnostic tools: genetic screening, identification of new surrogate markers, validation of candidate markers and discovery of new ones by proteomic approaches; and functional imaging, visualizing in situ various biological activities. These new molecules/cells of interest will be targeted in preclinical therapeutic approaches, using animal models, and by developing clinical trials. The objective of FAD will be achieved through the organization of a consortium, grouping 15 partners, integrating numerous medical and scientific disciplines. The consortium includes academic partners from 10 different EU countries, a Turkish research team, and 3 industrial partners. The acquired scientific and technological knowledges will be disseminated through training sessions, participation in European meetings, communication toward industry, and direct relationships with patient associations.

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