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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-07

Interactive satellite image server on generation image coding

Exploitable results

Through this OSM application, the Interactive Satellite Image Server provides its users with access to ERS Satellite images, located in a predefined sea area where these users are in charge of monitoring the oil slicks. The user can interactively define, inside each selected ERS image, a region of interest, and will then receive the high resolution Satellite data inside this region. Project URL:
Through this application, the ISIS server provides its clients with extracts of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) meteorological satellite images processed for a given limited area, in order to give the sea surface temperature, which is an important parameter for fishing companies, for example.
In the Urban Planning application, the ISIS server provides its clients with extracts of high resolution SPOT Satellite images, processed over a given limited area, in order to identify the urban areas and monitor the development of urban limits in large agglomerations. The result: an ISIS Server application giving its clients interactive access to a database containing SPOT Satellite images and associated vector data, geographically localised, through a standard Internet connection. The market: companies interested in monitoring the changes in urban limits around big cities. The key technical achievements: transferring the processed Satellite image data through standard Internet channels, using selective compression in order to optimise the use of the available bandwidth, answering the local data needs of the users, giving users sufficient interactivity, so that they can define their needs accurately. The result is currently used by SPOT Image (France) a partner of the project for evaluation purposes, the application being implemented on a Server located on its premises (Toulouse). The benefit expected by using such an application is on line help for monitoring urban regions. Project URL :

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