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Raising citizens awareness and appreciation of EU research on sustainable transport in the urban environment


The aim of the supporting action titled "Raising citizens awareness and appreciation of EU research on sustainable transport in the urban environment", MOVE TOGETHER project, is to build an awareness raising exercise to let people become fully: 1conscious of the sustainability implications of transport in the urban context, 2 aware of what EU transport research is doing and how research results can help making urban transport more sustainable. The awareness raising and appreciation exercise will follow a participatory process, which includes activities at transnational as well as local level, involving stakeholders, researchers and politicians together with the general public. MOVE TOGETHER presents 3 main components: 1 Critical review and appreciation of EU research on sustainable urban transport with the help of a transnational panel of citizens. The establishment of a participatory process will make citizens and stakeholders produce together a Digest on EU research presenting the scientific facts in a language and format accessible to non-experts lay citizens. 2 The overall process will be tested with a local event in the city of Rome. A randomly selected panel of local citizens will be involved in a citizens and stakeholders conference process. They will assess the Digest produced at European level and relate it to the experiences, the EU research undertaken and the research needs of Rome This will complement the Digest with concrete commitments for the possible implementation of EU research achievements and best practices, elaborated by citizens and local stakeholders.3 Europe wide dissemination and replication of this systematic awareness raising concept and of the outcomes/lessons learned from the local event in Rome, by means of pilot exhibitions at major European conferences on sustainable transport issues, town hall exhibitions in cities selected through a tendering process, all complemented by other standard dissemination activities

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