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OrganiK - An organic knowledge management approach for small european knowledge-intensive companies


Small European companies compete on their know-how and hence have to use knowledge to their advantage. They are constrained by the scarcity of their resources such as land, labor, and capital, thus they must do more with less. As a result, knowledge housed in European SMEs, must be leveraged so that goals can be achieved in an effective and efficient manner. However, knowledge management programs used by larger organisations tend to be expensive, relatively inflexible and are not suitable for European knowledge-intensive SMEs. Traditional knowledge management focuses on top-down, detailed and tightly controlled knowledge repositories, whereas small knowledge intensive European companies practice ad hoc, people-centred work processes and heavily rely on the social structures of the company (i.e. the individual knowledge workers and spaghetti-like team formations). Therefore, the increasing need of European knowledge-intensive SMEs for loose-coupled collaboration, ad hoc knowledge sharing and utilisation and open innovation structures adoption practices has led to the strong requirement of a next generation knowledge management system that manages and promotes social structures. OrganiK will develop an innovative knowledge management approach, consisting of theoretical KM foundation and technological architecture and tools for the semantic integration of enterprise social software applications, while applying the resulting knowledge management capabilities to the participating SMEs, who actively initiated this ambitious project.

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BSG-SME - Research for SMEs


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