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High density integration by embedding chips for reduced size modules and electronic systems

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The proposed HERMES project wants to initiate a new mainstream packaging concept not bound by the existing supply chain, and by large-scale manufacturing technology. The project is aiming at further developing the concept of embedded thin chips into electronic boards, as a base for an integrated manufacturing of electronic circuits.
The project consortium will develop a technology for embedding active and passive components, allowing more functional integration and higher density. The technology will be based on printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly practice, and on standard available silicon dies, highlighting fine pitch interconnection, high power capability and high frequency compatibility.
Apart from research necessary for the technological advances towards fine pitch, new materials, multilevel stacking, high reliability, essential developments are needed for setting up an integrated manufacturing. Key issues are testability of the circuits during and after manufacturing, yield and cost of the processes, and organizing the supply chain.
The benefits of HERMES will be very large :
•\tTechnologically : Higher density because some "borders" (the packaging/soldering interface) have disappeared, a smaller form factor and even possibility for 3D stacking•\tLow cost : Large-scale production will be possible, with still high accuracy due to innovative equipment and processes (placement, LDI, etc.), and by using "cheap" PCB processes to a large extent. Even for a smaller number of modules to be made, the embedded component technology in a PCB manufacturing will be interesting, by the flexibility of PCB layout, and component placement.•\tTime-to-market of complex and hybrid systems : By bringing the production and assembly of a module to one place, very short times-to-market will be possible, especially when compared to traditional solutions with advanced (e.g. WLP) packages (with long delivery times), and system-on-chip solutions.

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