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Inclusive Identities in the Context of Increasing Culturally Diverse Workplaces


With increasing globalization and migration the workplace is becoming more and more culturally diverse worldwide. As finding meaningful employment is an important factor for successful integration into the new country of settlement, interactions between different ethnic groups at the workplace need to be specifically looked at. The overall focus of this research proposal is on influences of national and organizational factors on successful management of cultural diversity at the work floor. The goal is to understand the formation and role of inclusive identities in a work context that ensure a sense of sharedness while being grounded in awareness and appreciation of mutual differences. This will not only reduce social tensions but also produce positive outcomes in our society. The theoretical rationale behind is grounded in theories on social identity, self-categorization and acculturation including multidisciplinary perspectives. It is assumed that different policies and histories of migration, country-specific demographics and economics and unique cultural belief and value systems influence the direction and strengths of the diversity effects within a society. With co-operation partners in Austria, the Netherlands and New Zealand the opportunity for cross-national comparative studies is given to get a more holistic picture of general and specific preconditions, processes and effects of inclusive identities in the context of increasing culturally diverse workforces and multiculturalism in Europe. The scientific knowledge gained shall lead to recommendations for successful diversity management and the development of diagnostic instruments that consider the cultural and organizational context and the specific ethnic groups involved in the interactions. Presentations and publications within and outside the academic community shall secure the knowledge transfer to potential end-users and relevant decision makers and thus contribute to European competitiveness.

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