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A European Platform for the Communication of European RTD results to Stakeholders in Fisheries and Aquaculture


PROFET Policy proposes to build a platform for the communication and dissemination of the results of EU-funded research projects, in fisheries and aquaculture, of the 5th and 6th Framework Research Programmes.

Use of modern communication tools will be used to facilitate the flow of information of policy-relevant results to a wide-range of stakeholders, using primarily a web-based structure for the publishing of Technical Leaflets.

Seminars will be organised on a thematic and regional basis, covering fisheries and aquaculture, which will focus on promoting an exchange of views between aquaculture producers, fishers, scientists, National and European policy-makers and other stakeholders.

Core elements of the seminars will be the presentation of results and discussion of the RTD needs of each sector so as to recommend clear guidelines and topics for future European Union Research Programmes. Member Organisations of the representative European Associations will be closely involved in the organisation of the seminars.

The PROFET POLICY workshops will also provide a platform for the presentation of ongoing FP6 projects under the area of scientific support to policy, as well as established fisheries and aquaculture organisations and networks that have direct relevance to the individual workshop theme, using posters or presentation stands, thus providing valuable exposure of these projects to policy-oriented stakeholders.

PROFET Policy builds on the experience and results of Aquaflow and PROFET, involving partners from these successful projects, with further development of the ICT and management tools developed in addition to the use of well established networks for communication and dissemination. This aspect assures cost-effective and experienced management for the project.

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