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Three-dimensional nanobiostructure-based self-contained devices for biomedical application


The main scientific objective of the project is to enhance the understanding of the fundamental principles for controlling electron transfer reactions between nanoparticles (NPs), carbon nanotubes (CNTs), their assemblies confined into three-dimensional (3D) microscale networks, conductive nano/-microporous silicone (NMPSi) chips and different bioelements, such as glucose oxidising and oxygen reducing enzymes. The technological objective of the project is to construct potentially implantable microscale self-contained wireless biodevices working in different biomatrices, e.g. blood, plasma, saliva. Novel biodevices will be constructed by combination of glucose and oxygen sensitive biosensors powered by biofuel cells, all made from 3D nanobiostructured materials and operated by wireless microtransmitter/transducer system. To produce 3D microscale devices with superior characteristics mathematical modelling of their performance will be compared against experimentally determined parameters. Nanowiring of appropriate redox enzymes with NPs, CNTs, proper surface modifications, and use of Os and Ru redox complexes, are chosen as a major direction to solve main obstacles in the area of bioelectronics, i.e. poor electronic communication between the biocomponents and the electronic elements along with insufficient operational stability. The 3D structure of nanobiodevices will provide very high efficiency and stability along with their miniaturisation for successful application in biomedicine and health care. The developed, wireless self-contained and potentially implantable, 3D nanobiostructure-based devices will be used to improve quality of life and increase safety in case of widely occurring chronic diseases. Moreover, in the long-term, 3D nanobiostructure-based elements will be essential for constructing devices to be used for neuron/nerve stimulations and compensation of human disabilities.

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