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Integrated system for multimedia indexing, equiparation and rights protection

Exploitable results

IMDEX is an application which has addressed and solved the problems of storing and classifying images. It is an integrated tool which performs the semi-automatic classification of multimedia information (images) based on the accompanying information (footnotes, International Press and Telecommunications Council - IPTC -, headings, etc.) or manually entered information, but also in the graphic image itself (its contents). IMDEX is a set of DCOM components for Windows 95/NT. DCOM technology makes the IMDEX system distributed solution ready to help users from small, medium or large corporations. These components are integrated in an easy-to-use user interface, and DCOM technology allows the use of some of these components in already consolidated systems by simply calling the required services from original applications. The IMDEX solution provides newspapers or simply "query by text" users the same functionality as was provided by their original applications, plus the possibility of restricting queries by standard IPTC or end-users marks. In addition, they can make new queries using text and image features (colour, texture, objects or even full image). The IMDEX system also improves functions for "query-by-image" users - hospitals, patent offices, logo designers - by adding innovative technologies - ISO-CONTOUR segmentation algorithm, R-TREE based matching - with well-consolidated algorithms - colour thresholding, gray thresholding, distance metrics, etc.. Project URL :

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