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Electron transfer through multiple consecutive phenanthrenyl containing DNA


Synthesis and development of novel DNA base pairs that are orthogonal in their recognition properties compared to the natural base pairs are avidly pursued by scientists. Such novel base pairs are investigated as tools in biotechnology and in designing novel genetic systems. Interest in artificial base pairs continues because of their application in materials research and nanosciences. Likewise charge transfer (CT) through the DNA duplex has received considerable attention and is being explored in fundamental and applied research. The objective of this project is to synthesize and study DNA containing more than one phenanthrenyl-pair (dPhen-R) in a duplex DNA. This would provide the first example of electron transfer through a duplex containing multiple phenanthrenyl (dPhen-R) base replacements. Substitutions (R) on the ring will influence the redox potential of the aromatic system. This will also influence the electron transfer efficiency. This project will also pursue the synthesis of a base-pairing nucleobase analogue capable of acting as an electron acceptor. This electron acceptor will report on electron transfer by a fluorescent response and increase the stability of the duplex. The optimized DNA-based architecture will then be attached to a gold surface in order to observe direct electron transfer by nanoelectrochemistry. It is envisioned that this novel DNA architecture and future designs may be applied in DNA based biosensors and in the area of DNA nanomaterials.

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