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Cooperative Communications with Confidential Messages


"In comparison to the conventional wireless communication systems, the future ones will be decentralized, ad-hoc in nature allowing different mobile terminals to join and leave. While designing such systems an important aspect is the confidentiality of the data exchanged among trusted network nodes. Recent results show that significant performance improvements could be achieved by allowing cooperation among the network nodes. The possibility to collaborate in a wireless environment makes the whole system vulnerable and susceptible to attacks. The primary topic of the proposed research is to explore the information theoretic limits in wireless networks where nodes can cooperate while exchanging confidential messages. In order to protect the transmitted information, classical systems exchange encryption keys over separate channels. In the wireless ad-hoc scenario this approach will be extremely challenging. Information theory offers tools to design codes that maximize the useful rate while minimizing the ""leak"" rate of confidential information to unwanted users. The advantage is that everything could be done through the same channel, i.e. there is no need of separate channels to exchange keys. The project will also focus on exploring the possibility of the combined (hybrid) scenario where the current cellular infrastructure is used such that mobile users have the possibility to choose between peer-to-peer transmission and transmission via a base station or an access point. The design of such systems will improve the performances of the current systems and will open new possibilities for various applications."

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