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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-29

Mathematical modelling for parallel multi-scale numerical simulation of pollution processes in marine environment


The main purpose of this project is the development of accurate numerical solvers of the evolution of pollution processes of environmental marine flows. The strategy is to use fine physical modelling besides the recent development of mathematical modelling and analysis to derive very low-cost numerical solvers.
These solvers are to be implemented later on distributed computer clusters located at the University of Sevilla.Our activity will develop around the following main axes:
a) Physical-mathematical modelling of non-mixing pollutants, mainly oil components.
b) Multi-scale modelling of buoyant turbulent flows.c) Low-cost positive solvers of tracers and turbulence statistics.
d) Homogenized models of turbulence. This research will be hosted by the Laboratoired and 'Analyse Numerique and "Jacques-Louis Lions and " of the University of Paris VI, in collaboration with the Laboratoire LODYC (Laboratoire d and apos;Oc and 'eanographie Dynamique et de Climatologie) of the same un iversity.
This will provide to the candidate, given his background, the following training:
a) Training in physical modelling of non-mixing pollutants and multi-scale modelling.
b) Training in integrated collaboration of teams of physicists and matematicians.
c) Advanced training in integration of existing and new knowledge to reach the objectives of the project.
Back to the University of Sevilla, this will largely reinforce his domain of the abilities required to lead the research group and quot;Mathematical modelling and simulation of environmental flows and. In particular, we expect to apply these abilities to develop solvers able to accurately predict in real time with a few days of advance the expected evolution of patches of pollutants, specially oil spills, in relatively reduced areas such as Gibraltar Straight neighbourhood, an area supporting a strong anthropogenic pressure.

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