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WASTE management focussing on: Knowledge and Integration to create Transnational economic development


Project WASTEKIT anticipates on three drivers: 1. Societal & economic attention for sustainability & specific waste management; 2. Waste management-related regional economic development; 3. Network of networks for European innovation and competitiveness excellence. It has the following objectives: 1. Expand ambitions of regions with respect to regional economic development based on waste management RTD, innovation & business creation; 2. Expand international & mentoring roles of waste management-related actors; 3. Create an international role as a European network of (regional) waste management-related clusters. Result indicators are linked to the objectives. Four regions particpate: Emilia-Romagna region (Italy), Yorkshire & Humber region (UK), Sofia region (Bulgaria) and Amsterdam region (the Netherlands). Regions of Knowledge experiences gave the consortium argument that 4 regions will lead to high (regional) impact potentials looking at characteristics of waste management infrastructures and RTD & innovation processes. Each region is represented via triple helix actors: regional/local authority or related organisation, knowledge institution and company, including linkages with intermediary actors. 19 consortium partners contribute to WASTEKIT. AIM is proposed coordinator. This partner has coordinating experiences regarding a Regions of Knowledge project. The consortium sees fruitful waste domains like waste to energy, recycling, agricultural/bio waste, and waste prevention & minimisation. The consortium invests in mentoring mechanisms; this leads to a focus on mentoring regions on waste disposal. The consortium acknowledges the methodologies & approaches (like Joint Action Plan definition & activation) as suggested in the call for proposal “Regions of Knowledge”. The project has three phases: Analysis Phase (WP2), Synthesis Phase & Measures (WP3, WP4), Mentoring & Dissemination Phase (WP5, WP6 & WP7). WP1 contains project management.

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