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Advanced Lubrication Modelling


This project focuses on the development and implementation of sophisticated mathematical models and methods that may be used to facilitate the fundamental understanding about mechanisms connected to the lubrication process of various applications such as, bearings, gears, cam-mechanisms etc. The long term goal is to deliver computational tools enabling prediction that in turn lead to improving the energy efficiency, reduced friction and wear and that mitigate the environmental impact caused by applications such as those previously mentioned. The contribution from surface topography and lubricant formulation on tribological performance are of special interest. An important task is to preserve as much generality of the models and the methods as possible, to cover a broad spectrum of applications. In this way the versatility will increase and the possibilities of applying the models and methods in other fields of research become more likely. This is realized by the application of rigorous mathematical techniques - to the equations that governs the lubrication process - that enable efficient treatment of the surface topography, the rheology of the involved fluid, the material characteristics, etc.

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Universitetsomradet Porson
971 87 Lulea

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Lise-Lotte Martinsson-Ekman (Ms.)
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€ 45 000